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How to keep your pets calm during the busy holidays

Many pets LOVE a full house. Dogs who’ve been socialised around other dogs, busy kids and lots of activity can usually handle the lively buzz of the holidays. But quieter, more sensitive dogs, and especially cats, may have a harder time coping with extra humans in their space and all the additional activity that comes …

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What to do if your pet gets sick during lockdown?

South Africans are already a week into the national lockdown and are trying to adapt to ‘a new normal’. We’ve got strange new routines and are working hard to keep ourselves busy and our minds occupied while keeping our communities safe. But what do we do if our pets get sick or injured during lockdown? Take a deep breath and read this:

Unusual behaviour in your dogs or cats

Now that you’re housebound with your pets, you’re likely to observe their daily behaviour more closely. They may be acting differently because you’re around more; picking up on anxieties in the house; or there may be something wrong… Have you noticed any of these strange behaviours in your pets?


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