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How to choose the right vet for your furry friend

If you’ve relocated or are thinking of adopting a pet, finding a new veterinarian is not something to take lightly. As the true pet heroes of this world, good veterinarians are worth their weight in gold, so here are some tips on how to find the right one for you and your furry (fuzzy, feathered or finned) friend!

What to do if your pet is poisoned

The non-malicious poisoning of pets is an everyday risk that comes with the territory of pet ownership. Whether your dog or cat eats human food that is toxic to them, eats toxic plants, or other poisonous substances around the home, read more about what to do if you’re ever faced with this situation.

How to keep a pet even if you’re allergic to them

Watery eyes, runny nose and lots of sneezing around pets? There are plenty of animal lovers who may be allergic to dogs and cats, and therefore ‘go without’, thinking they are doomed to petlessness by their immune system. Furtunately, there are ways of mitigating allergic reactions and still being able to enjoy your furry friends’ company!

How do you know what to feed your dog?

Your dog’s health depends on the food they eat. Learn more about their nutritional needs, food allergies, homemade and designer diets, and what’s really in dog food

The importance of taking care of your dog’s skin & coat

Your dog’s coat is their identity, their armour, their all-weather apparel and – most impawtantly – a very good barometer of the state of their health. Taking care of your dog’s coat is right near the top of your pet parenting priorities, so Pet Hero has compiled a thorough guide on skin and coat care for your furry friend.

The different types of fur coats on dogs

How many different types of dog coats are there? Does it matter? There are so many different lengths, densities and textures of dog coats, which is relevant to how we groom our dogs. Find out more about your dog’s coat and the ideal way to groom it.

How to groom your own dog like a pro

Grooming your dog at home is a rewarding process that not only gives you a clean and tidy dog, but also a fantastic oppawtunity to bond with your furry friend. Bathing? Trimming? Teeth brushing? Nail clipping? No sweat! Read our comprehensive guide to grooming your Good Boy!

How to stop your dog from chewing everything

Chewing may look cute on a puppy, but it becomes destructive in an adult dog. Learn more about why your dog chews and how to redirect his destructive chewing into more positive, stress-relieving behaviour.

To house-train or crate train? That is the question

Your new puppy will pee and poop in the house because 1. they don’t know any better, and 2. they can’t yet control their bladder and bowels. Crate training and house-training are the methods used to ensure your puppy quickly learns to do their business outside. Here’s how:

Does your pet need a specialised diet

If your pet is generally healthy, but has persistent or chronic symptoms you can’t quite put your finger on, maybe a diet adjustment is required. Can these common symptoms be cured with diet?

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