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New Year’s Resolutions for pets

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Your pets’ list of 7 Mew Year’s resolutions

If you think your pets don’t know what the New Year is, think again. They watched you all through the holiday season, helped you unwrap your festive presents, took advantage of your generosity when it came to table scraps, forgave you for not sticking to a walking routine, and sommer joined you on the couch all day #becausewhynot.

But they can also sense that you’re newly motivated and some changes have been implemented, so they want you to know you’re not alone with your New Year’s resolutions. Here’s their list:

1. Get in shape

I know I’m the shape of your heart, but to be honest, my fur is feeling a bit tight and I’m a tad on the lazy side. While you jog, lift and yoga your way to health and wellbeing, I want to make some pawsitive changes too. For one, I want to eat healthier, so what better way to do that than to review my nutrition and see if perhaps we can’t find a healthier, fresher dog food and cat food option that suits this new healthy lifestyle?

It’s obvious you love your YouTube fitness, but the best exercise is outdoors in the sunshine with me on the business end of the leash. Take me walkies, will you? Then we can do your resolutions and mine. Before we hit the pathways, we should get some walking accessories like poop bags, a harness, and a collar with my name on it!

2. Spend more time with family

What’s more important than family (and treats)? That’s what we call a petorical question… because nothing is more important than family (and treats). I – your furry family – would love it if you spent a lot more time with me (obviously) and hey, maybe we can even play together with my awesome pet toys! I will even be good when you tell me to sit and stay – as long as we can play (and eat treats) afterwards!

3. Have regular health check-ups

I know that one of the reasons you love me is that I’m so healthy and hardy, but I do need to see the vet at least once a year. So maybe when you go see your dentist more regularly, it’s a good idea to let me visit the vet so he can check up on me. As usual, he will probably diagnose me as pawsome! Still, he would want you to feed me some pet supplements to help boost my health – ask him which ones I should get, so I can live a long and healthy life with you. *paw bump*

4. Take better care of teeth

Speaking of the dentist: just like he recommends daily brushing and good oral healthcare for you, so too would the vet want you to take care of my pearly whites. You won’t need to get my teeth cleaned quite as often if we did some brushing, rinsing and breath-freshening at home.

5. Enjoy creature comforts

Life can’t be all work and no luxury – you should spoil yourself (and me) once in a while. My wishlist for these creature comforts includes a new dog bed and pet blankets, some new dog clothes, and Tigger would like an upgrade on his cat scratching post and cat toys. But if you decide to get a fancy new couch, remember that sharing is caring and we will accessorise it for you… with ourselves!

6. Quit bad habits

We need to incorporate some new habits like daily walks and regular dental check-ups, but while we’re at it, let’s drop the bad habits. I will try to stop giving you puppy-dog eyes at the dinner table, but then we have to do more training so you have a good excuse to give me healthy dog treats. Deal?

7. Drink more water

For some bizarre reason, it’s hard for you humans to develop the habit of drinking more water. But me, I LOVE water, especially after vigorous play or long walkies. So that’s what I suggest: If you play and walk more, you’ll naturally want to drink more water… but you can’t share my water fountain or water bowl, okay?

Happy twenty-twenty-NEW!

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