Should I groom my pets in winter?

Should I groom my pets in winter?

Pet owners associate pet grooming with the gloriously warm summer months, when Cleo and Spikkels get a neat shave and some cute ribbons. However, grooming in winter is equally – if not more – important. Here’s why:

The importance of pet grooming

The importance of pet grooming

As pet owners, we work hard to ensure that our furry friends are as warm during the winter months as they would be in summer months. It is for this reason that our pets’ coats are the last thing we think about cutting and grooming during winter. If it keeps them warm then surely it is doing its job or is it?

How to clean your dog's ears

How to clean your dog’s ears

Ear care is not on every dog’s grooming regimen, but it’s important to check that your dog’s ears are clean and healthy. Here are some tips about cleaning your dog’s ears.

Shaving Dogs for Summer

Shaving Dogs for Summer

You might think you’re doing your dog a favour by shaving her in preparation for the summertime heat, but what if you’re doing more harm than good? It’s not simply a question of whether or not to shave her for summertime, but perhaps the why and why not should also be considered.

Ticks and fleas - How do they hurt my pet?

Ticks and fleas – How do they hurt my pet?

Parasite season is in full swing, so best get your pets’ tick and flea medication up to date. Tick and flea bites can be painful and very itchy, and while this might be a minor annoyance to most pets, it can drive some pets crazy. But the bites are just one way that parasites can harm your pets…

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