The importance of pet grooming

As pet owners, we work hard to ensure that our furry friends are as warm during the winter months as they would be in summer months. It is for this reason that our pets’ coats are the last thing we think about cutting and grooming during winter. If it keeps them warm then surely it is doing its job or is it?

How to clean your dog’s ears

Moist, twisty, deep and dark – the perfect place for various nasties to breed – and all of that are found in your dog’s ears. Many types of dog breeds have hair growing inside their ears, trapping dirt inside and causes health issues. Regular cleaning will prevent any infections and parasites crawling their way into your pups ears. Read more on how to clean your puppy’s ears and how they can live a pain free life:

Shaving Dogs for Summer

Summer has come and the heat with it! As we take our layers of clothing off, we wonder if we should do the same for our dogs? It’s a battle between whether to shave or not to shave! There are many pros and cons, but in the end it’s the pets’ owners who have to decide what is best for their pups. After all, they know them best! Some dogs love to be shaved and to be relieved of their long hair, but others hate it! It is always best to do your resea

Ticks and fleas – How do they hurt my pet?

Flea and tick season has kicked in with a storm and it’s never too soon to think about how to protect your furry family members from these biting pests. Flea and tick bites can be painful and very itchy. While this might be a minor annoyance to most pets, it can drive some pets crazy. Fleas and ticks can be harmful to your pets and carry parasites that cause illnesses. Read more on how Fleas and Ticks can harm your pets:


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