Stress and anxiety control for cats

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Showing 1–12 of 27 results

Cats are creatures of habit and most cats do not deal well with change – whether it’s a change of environment, change of routine or introducing new furry family members into your home. Cats experience anxiety as readily as humans do, so it’s impurrtant for the sake of your bond with your cat, that you ensure her environment and wellbeing is as stress- and anxiety-free as possible.

How to treat cat anxiety naturally

Cats can get scared for a number of reasons – fireworks, thunder, construction work; even repainting your home and moving the furniture around. This kind of fear can be managed with short-term capsules, tablets or chews, which are administered a few hours before a stressful event. However, some cats are chronically anxious and will run and hide, over-groom or spray as a result of their constant stress. These cats will need long-term anxiety management, which can be achieved with food aids, room diffusers, herbal remedies and even catnip. 

Best anxiety medication for cats

The best anxiety medication for cats is the one that is properly administered to a cat, the source of whose fear and anxiety has been identified and which you are working on eliminating. If you are getting ready to introduce a new pet to your household, are moving, redecorating or anticipating any other kind of big change, your cat will sense and react to the coming change. During stressful times, it’s impawtant to spend a lot of quiet time with your cat, reassuring her of your bond, while also making use of calming diffusers, sprays and meal supplements to help your cat cope with her stress.

How does cat anxiety medication work?

Calming diffusers for cats disperse kitty pheromones into the air, which have a calming effect on your cat. Calming food supplements contain vitamins and amino acids that have a specific relaxing effect on cats, to help calm them down. Some products need to be given over the longer term and have a cumulative effect – be sure to read the instructions of the calming product you choose.

Browse our range of calming products to see which type of product will soothe your anxious cat the best.