Out and About with your dog

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Showing 1–12 of 226 results

Your best furry friend wants to be with you wherever you are, which means you’ll need to make provision for their escapaweds into the great outdoors. Whether it’s a car ride to the vet or a trip to the beach or into the mountains, your pup needs to be safe in the car, safe out in the open and safe in whatever climate and environment you may find yourselves.

What activities do dogs need?

In the same way that humans like to explore the world, your dog loves the adventure of going places with you. This often means travelling in the car, but if your pup is hyper and over-excitable, or gets a little carsick, it’s best to be prepared. Calming medicine and a car seat hammock would be great start to ensuring your dog is calm and your car seats won’t need to be valeted. A travel crate can also work, although most dogs are more-than-fine with looking out of the window as you drive. Don’t forget to keep them safely clipped in.

If you’re going for a beach walk or mountain hike, don’t forget your dog’s collar or harness and leash. You don’t want them running off after other dogs or people, so rather keep your pup close by and under control. And when they get tired or hot, keep water and a travel water bowl with you to help your dog to rehydrate.

How do you adventure with your dog?

The best way to adventure with your dog is safely and responsibly. Responsible dog ownership and adventuring means keeping your dog leashed and making sure they behave themselves. It also means picking up your dog’s poop if they need to ‘go’ in public. Keep ‘doggy bags’ on you at all times and pick up and dispose of your dog’s ground ornaments. The rule about beaches, dog parks, hiking trails and pathways is: always leave it how you found it, if not neater.