Dog Waste Disposal

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Showing 1–12 of 42 results

Being a responsible pet hero means making sure your dog gets enough exercise and is given the oppawtunity to explore the world. It also means that when your pup has to go potty on their adventures, it’s your responsibility to clean up their brown deposits and keep the outdoors clean and tidy. Your dog’s poop is healthy for them to make, but not so healthy for others to encounter. Doggy doo can be full of pathogens that are not very healthy for the environment, so it’s best you remove and dispose of it.

How to dispose of dog poop

Pet Hero’s wide range of dog waste disposal goodies means you’ve got a lot of choice when it comes to sorting out your dog’s mess. From portable rolls of waste disposal bags, easy-tie handle bags, biodegradable poop bags and even compostable bags – we’ve got your dog’s deposits covered!

Out and about and low on pockets in which to keep your waste disposal bags? That’s easy pee-zy: pop the poop bag dispenser onto your dog’s leash or clip it onto your belt

How to safely pick up dog poop

Waste disposal in your own yard – furget about getting your hands dirty. Just use this handy poop scoop! And how do you pick it up when you’re out on your dog’s walkies? Either turn your waste disposal bag inside out, stick your hand in and create a barrier between you and the poop as you pick it up manually. OR try this foldable waste scoop, which can conveniently be stowed in a backpack while you and your furry friend take on the great outdoors!