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Showing 1–12 of 505 results

There are three things that all dogs love: treats, walkies (okay, not all dogs…), and playtime! The trick to making the most of your dog’s playtime is to find the right toys for his personality and taste. Pet Hero stocks an extensive range of balls, tug toys, treat toys, cuddle toys, chew toys and even cognitive toys! Stock up for your puppy and adult dogs of any breed!

What are the best toys for dogs?

This is like asking what the best toys are for kids… each individual dog will have a preference for different toys. Breeds that are traditionally ‘chasers’ and ‘retrievers’ (like jack russells, border collies, terriers, retrievers, etc.) will enjoy anything that can be thrown or cast (balls and frisbees), while the power breeds will enjoy tug toys more.

Fortunately, Pet Hero stocks a very wide range of dog toys for all preferences: some firm favourites are the Kong Classic Dog Toy, PetSA Rope Bone with 3 Cow Hooves, and the Nina Ottosson Twister.

How much is a dog toy?

Dog toy prices can vary widely depending on the brand and size of the toy. Browse our selection to see the dog toy prices.

What is the most durable dog toy?

Most high quality dog toys are made from durable materials and are designed to withstand even the most determined dog’s teeth and claws. Kong dog toys are very durable, as well as the Nina Ottosson range and a good selection of PetSA toys. However, no dog toys are completely indestructible, so be sure to supervise Max and make sure he doesn’t destroy his toys.