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Loyalty rewards for your benefit

Heroes deserve to be rewarded, which is why we want you to be part of our loyalty programme. Yes, we already offer highly competitive prices, but we want you to continue to be your pet’s hero for longer and take advantage of our loyalty rewards! Get discounts or convert your points into vouchers to use on future orders – it’s that simple!

How does the loyalty programme work?

Loyalty makes the human-pet world go ‘round. Similarly, your loyalty to Pet Hero inspires our loyalty to you: every time you successfully buy any products online from Pet Hero, we add some loyalty points to your account. Convert these loyalty points into a discount voucher that can be used during your next purchase.

View your available loyalty points at any time on your account page. Your points will automatically accumulate when products are ordered and delivered successfully, and deplete when you use them on subsequent purchases.

How do I earn loyalty points?

Every completed order that is delivered successfully will accumulate loyalty points in your account. For every R 20 you spend at Pet Hero, you will get one loyalty point. On each product page and on the checkout page, you will see exactly how many points you’ll accumulate if you complete the order.

How do I use my loyalty points?

The hero decides. You can use your loyalty points to save for a higher discount or to use towards regular savings – it’s completely up to you when you use your accumulated points.

Every time you checkout an order, a message will appear on how many points you have available and ask if you would like to convert them into a voucher for that order. Once you click to create the coupon, our system will apply it automatically to your current order. Please note that only you can use your loyalty points – you can’t transfer them to other pet heroes (sorry).

Can I use my loyalty points on an AutoShip order?

Short answer: No. Because AutoShip orders are already heavily discounted, loyalty points cannot be used on any AutoShip orders. Loyalty points can only be used on orders you manually place, so why not use them to buy a new toy?

Do my loyalty points expire?

Your loyalty points will expire after one year if you don’t convert them into a voucher. Every order generates loyalty points, and our system will check when your order was placed to determine when your points expire. Don’t let the hero’s cape accumulate dust… it needs to be used regularly for full hero status!

Something seems strange with my loyalty points…

If you think something is remiss regarding your loyalty points, please contact us and we will clarify any queries you may have.

Want even more rewards?

Join our social media pages and interact with other pet heroes! Keep up to date with our latest specials, read our informative and exciting content, and enter our competitions to win amazing prizes your pets will love!

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