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Everyone wants something back, right? At Pet Hero, we give you that something for being a loyal customer. Pet Hero offers two ways in which you can get discounts on your next purchases that you can spend on anything in our catalogue, from dog food to cute toys or harnesses. We know you may be thinking, “their prices are already so low”, and although this is true, we want to make sure you are your pet’s hero by giving you even more.


The human-pet bond is built on loyalty. We know that your pet is part of the family and we would like to reward your dog or cat by giving you some money back when you buy from Pet Hero.

How does the loyalty programme work?

Every time you successfully buy products online from Pet Hero, we add some loyalty points to your account. You will receive loyalty points from all the products in our catalogue. You can convert these loyalty points into a voucher that you can use to get a discount on your next purchase.

You can view your available loyalty points at any time in your account page. These points will update automatically when you use them and when your order has been successfully delivered to you,

How do I earn loyalty points?

Loyalty points are added to your account once the order is fully completed, meaning it is paid for and delivered to your door and you are happy with your order. For every R 10 that you spend on Pet Hero, you will get one loyalty point. On each product page, and the checkout page, you will see exactly how many points you will receive if you buy the product or complete the order.

How do I use my loyalty points?

Are you saving for a higher discount, or just looking for regular savings? With our loyalty programme, it is up to you when you use the points you have accumulated. Every time you checkout an order, a message will appear on how many points you have available and ask if you would like to convert it into a voucher for that order. Once you click to create the coupon, our system will apply it automatically to your current order.

Please note that only you can use your loyalty points and you cannot give this to someone else.

Do my loyalty points expire?

Your loyalty points will expire after one year if you have not converted it into a voucher. Every order generates loyalty points, and our system will check when your order was placed to determine if it expired.

Something seems strange with my loyalty points…

If you go into your account to view your loyalty points and at any time you think something is wrong, please contact us and we will clarify the situation for you.

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