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How dogs became “Our best friends”

The truth about how or when dogs became domesticated is not 100% known, but with modern genetic testing, they can piece together a pretty good timeline as to what animals were domesticated, and where and when this took place. But how did our domesticated companions make the transition from wild creatures to tamed animals? And what does their history have to do with our history? Let’s find out.

Five famous female pets from movies

With a cell phone camera and access to social media, anyone’s pet can become ‘insta-famous’. But to be truly famous is another story. These five female pets from the movies have stood the test of time… but with a twist!

Top 10 most famous internet cats in the world

With social media booming all over the world, people are taking photos of everything they love and hold dear to their hearts, whether it be their home, children or garden, you’ll know it and boy, will you see it! This also means that many people see all the beautiful things people hold dear and they start to follow you on a social media platform.

Amazing pets saving human lives

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but at Pet Hero we love the furry four legged heroes! Dogs and cats don’t have hands like humans, but still they have saved the lives of many. Truly, they are not only man’s best friend, but heroes too! Here are a few stories and links to read.

Remarkable pets who saved lives

True heroes are the ones that go out and risk their own lives to save another. Here is a compilation of some amazing four-legged heroes who did not think twice to help or save a human life. From working dogs to domestic cats, each one made a difference. Read more about these brave animals.

Historic Heroes – a tribute to pets who save lives

Pet Hero loves heroic animals so we’ve compiled some of these amazing heroic stories to share with you. This time around we are taking you back to the heroic animals that helped humans during wartime. They were amazing and brave little heroes who risked their lives to save others and got awarded for their bravery. Have a look at our heroes from the past!

Dogs assisting those with disabilities & disorders

We all know that dogs are more than just the furry creatures in the house, but that they are our best friends and four-legged family. Some dogs, however, go above and beyond, and are trained to be heroes in complex situations. Read all about the different types of assistance dogs and how they earn their hero status.

Assistance Dogs for the deaf and hearing impaired

There are so many dogs that go out of their way to assist people every day. They play such an important role, making a difference in so many lives. Hearing dogs help the deaf by ‘being their ears’, which means that hearing-impaired people can live more normally than without a hearing dog. Read more about the difference these pups are making.


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