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Showing 1–12 of 185 results

Descended from their wild cousins, domestic cats have retained many of their primal responses to potential ‘prey’ and are always ready to hunt, chase and pounce to satisfy their curiosity. This is where cat toys come in very handy!

At Pet Hero, we stock the best cat toys to make sure your cat is fulfilled through their every mood. From cuddly toys like the Grumpy Cat Floppy Plush Cat Toy, to calming toys like the PetStages Catnip Chew Mice for cats, you will find great variety in our store.

What is the best toy for a cat? 

Cats can sometimes be picky when it comes to entertainment. You can evoke their energy levels by choosing toys that are highly interactive and will entice your cat’s natural instincts and make playtime worthy to engage in. Great toys for this are teasing toys, squeaky mouse/bird toys (the squeakier the better) and the all-time favourite laser light toy.

How do I keep my cat entertained while at work?

Because cats love exploring, it is recommended that you cater for this need even when you are not around. A great way to keep your cat entertained while you are away is by giving them a treat-dispensing toy to play with. Cats also never get tired of pitching their nails into everything they can. If you are not a fan of punctured furniture, then a scratch post is a good investment and will keep your furniture intact and your cat entertained.

Do cats like toys?

Cats may try to come across as indifferent, but deep down inside they LOVE toys, especially ones with different uses and textures. Toys that resemble their prey are a lot more effective at getting their attention. With age, your cat’s energy levels gradually decline and this can influence their desire to play. If you notice that your cat’s activity levels have dwindled, then try a catnip toy to stimulate his liveliness again.