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Showing 1–12 of 34 results

Kittens are ridiculously cute, aren’t they? But they grow up really fast and for this to be a healthy process, they need the best kitten food you can afford. Since no two kittens are the same, your kitten will need the most appropriate kitten nutrition for her age, size and constitution.

What type of food is best for kittens?

Kittens need specially formulated kitten food to give them the correct blend of macro- and micronutrients their furry bodies need during this impurrtant growing phase. Tiny kittens who need to be bottle-fed will need a special milk substitute, while weaned kittens and growing juvenile cats will need a combination of the age-appropriate soft food and crunchy kitten kibble. What’s the best food for kittens, you ask? Well, it depends on how old your kitten is and what their individual requirements are. 

Do kittens need wet food?

Very young kittens will need mousse or kitten pouches so that they can get all the proteins, vitamins and minerals they need while their teeth and jaws are still strengthening. It will also help them to stay hydrated. Kibble cat food is impawtant for kitty health and nutrition, so a combination of wet food and dry kibble is great for older kittens. Remember to always have fresh, clean water available to your purrecious kitten 24/7 so she never gets dehydrated.

Browse our wide range of kitten food, especially the premium brand cat foods, and choose the food that will best meet your kitten’s needs. Check each product description to ensure the food is right for her. And while you’re at it, find the purrfect food bowl in which to serve up your kitten’s delicious meal. Don’t forget the kitty treats!