Dog Behaviour and Training

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Showing 1–12 of 77 results

One of the most impawtant facets of raising or adopting a dog is behaviour modification and training. Positive reinforcement training is the most effective way to communicate what you want your dog to do; what is appropriate behaviour; and where the boundaries are. Where do you even start? Puppy classes, for one, but certainly at Pet Hero, where we stock all the necessary behaviour and training goodies for dogs to learn good behaviour and become hero pets!

How do you train a dog to have good behaviour?

Positive reinforcement training – rewarding your dog’s desired behaviour – is the best way to train a dog. A whole lot of treats as well as a clicker can be associated with that desired behaviour – consistent practice is the key. Maybe your pup responds well to a dog whistle, a target stick, or a game as a reward – it requires trial and error to find out your dog’s ‘training language’ and to use it to forge a solid obedience bond with them.

What items do you need to train a dog?

If we’re talking house training, use puppy pads and a puppy loo until you’re ready to train your pup to ‘go’ outside. If we’re talking training to teach your dog to ‘not go there’ and ‘not chew that’, Pet Hero has a range of dog repellents to try. Obedience training? This dog dumbbell and clicker will go far in teaching your dog specific commands. Dog recall exercise?

If your high-energy pup is a keen agility star, then you’ll need a range of training tools to practise and train in your backyard. There are some super fun and agility training tools available right here.