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HOW your cat eats is just as impurrtant as WHAT your cat eats, which is why choosing the correct food and water bowls is so crucial. If your feline friend is a picky eater… maybe it’s not because of the food, but because of her eating experience. Pet Hero’s wide variety of cat food bowls gives you the catvantage of choice of experience – to meet your cat’s need for optimal nutrition and wellbeing.

What feeding bowls are best for cats?

If you want your cat to have a neat and clean eating experience, veterinarians recommend stainless steel or ceramic cat food bowls. However, modern-day cat food dishes are built for strength and convenience, so even plastic bowls are strong, most are dishwasher safe (and therefore hygienic), and they are made beautifully and stylishly. The best food bowl for your cat is the one she is comfortable and happy to eat from!

Is it better to feed cats in a bowl or a plate?

Again, this depends on your cat’s experience. Some cats are fine with their faces in their bowls, although most cat food bowls are shallow. However, a few cats are very sensitive about what touches their whiskers, in which case they prefer wide, flat crockery. Never fear – Pet Hero stocks that too. Check out the Rogz Anchovy Feeding Bowl.

Do cats need their food bowls elevated?

Cats still possess that part of their primal memory when they ate their felled prey off the ground. However, if your cat is part-leopard, maybe she prefers her meaty dish in the tree tops. Some cats like their food bowls to be slightly tilted – it depends on their preference. Just browse Pet Hero’s colourful range of cat food bowls and see which one suits your cat best!