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Small pets like hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and rats have very specific dietary requirements to ensure they get great nutritional value out of the food they eat. Pet Hero stocks a wide range of specially formulated pellets, muesli and small pet food mixes to make sure your small animal’s diet is balanced and complete. In these foods, you will find an assortment of ingredients like maize, grains, peas and other veggies, dried fruit, and even mealworms. Many small animal food varieties are fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals to help your fuzzy buddy stay healthy and strong.

What do small animals eat?

Aside from the great range of small pet food mixes available on Pet Hero, small animals also have other dietary requirements. Grains, seeds, vegetables and fruits, nuts, insects (like mealworms), herbs and vitamins and minerals can be fed fresh or in the format of many small pet feeds, like pellets and muesli. Many small animals also need one additional ingredient: hay. Hay is a critical requirement for the good health of rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs and should be constantly available for them to chew on. Hay not only helps to wear down their persistently growing teeth, but it also provides plenty of fibre to ensure healthy digestion.

How much should I feed my small animal?

Your small animal’s diet depends entirely on their species and activity level. Always read the recommended feeding guidelines on the food container, but spend time with your fuzzy friend while they eat to gauge just how much they eat, what they love to chew on, and when they appear satiated. Learn their habits and determine the best food ratios for your individual pet. Don’t forget that all small pets should have clean, fresh water available at all times.