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Discover our heroes’ personal stories

How Pet Hero got their awesome squad of heroes is a story for the ages. Our Heroes each have a unique back story that makes them who they are. Through Pet Hero, their lives got better and they found their purpose.

Chapter 1 – Patch

On a street corner in Johannesburg early one morning, a man going on a morning run sees a box moving very slightly. The man was very curious to see what was going on in the box but was also very scared to have a look. Just as the man decided to carry on with his run he heard a soft squeak. He went to investigate the box and inside he saw the most adorable labrador puppy looking up at him with the most beautiful eyes.

The man was in a very difficult situation as he did not know what to do. He did not want to leave the puppy in the street, but he had never owned a dog before. What would his wife do when he got home and what would they say?

He decided that he could not just leave the puppy and took him home. Hesitantly he showed his wife the puppy and without any hesitation, she gave a big smile and said that they will keep him and call him Patch.

The man and woman, being so excited, decided that they would need some supplies to make this work. They both went online and searched for the essentials, Pet Hero gave them exactly what they needed.

When they came home that afternoon, everything they ordered was delivered to them and they started unpacking the items and showing Patch what they had bought for him online. Patch was overcome with joy when he got his new collar, a harness and lead, some toys to play with, bowls, a bed and the best-tasting dog food and treats.

Some months passed and Patch was a very healthy puppy living with his new family. He loves playing outside and making the best of every moment. Patch has also developed a healthy habit of doing exercise to help him be the healthiest he can be.

One day while pushing himself through exercise, Patch saw a strange figure outside the door of the house. In one motion he turned towards the figure and started barking. His bark was so powerful the figure flew over the wall and never came back.

Patch saw his new ability as a blessing which he will use to make sure all other pets are protected.

Thinking back on the days before he was adopted, Patch realised how lucky he is now. Living on the streets with other strays is not a good place to be. Even though it was a very difficult time for Patch, he always showed courage in all situations and did his best to help others be safe.

Patch used his previous situation as inspiration, he wants to take his abilities and values and start helping out in his community. Patch wanted to start an academy where he can help other pets in need to overcome their situation and offer them a better life going forward. He knows this will be a big responsibility and it will be difficult to do it on his own. While planning the academy he started thinking of his neighbour Linc…

Chapter 2 – Linc

After being abandoned by his previous owners, Linc had a hard time living on the streets of Melville. He travelled the whole area looking for scraps of food and a dry place to sleep.

One night, while Linc was busy wandering around looking for shelter, a big storm started forming. Linc ran and searched for a safe place and finally found shelter behind a big metal bin. Just as he started dosing off lightning started in the area which made him uneasy. Linc heard a big roar and jumped up when a lightning bolt struck the metal bin next to him.

Linc felt a pulse move through him as he dodged the lightning bolt and noticed that he could move much faster than a normal cat.

The next day Linc started a journey to find out what he is capable of after the lightning strike of the previous day. He started running from point a to point b and timing himself along the way. Every time he ran he got faster and faster.

A few months later Linc was wondering around in a new neighbourhood where he came across a young boy. The young boy started petting him and played with him. Linc was so excited, as he hadn’t had any contact with humans in months. The little boy went begging his parents to keep Linc and after some tears, they agreed to take Linc into their family.

While getting used to his new home, Linc decided to do some exploring. Linc went out to the yard and jumped upon the boundary wall. While looking into the yard next door, Linc noticed a dog running around and doing training. He decided to go introduce himself to the neighbour. From that moment Linc and Patch became best friends.

Chapter 3 – The Academy

Patch and Linc were sitting around chatting one day. Patch started talking about his idea of opening a place where he can help others who are going through a hard time. Linc immediately took a liking to the idea and together they started planning how the academy could work.

They want the academy to be built on a strong sense of community where they can enhance their values, build a sense of unity and learn to bond with others. The academy should inform and educate other pets and owners alike.

After brainstorming ideas and getting all the resources together, Patch and Linc opened the Academy. The next step is getting other pets to join the academy…

Chapter 4 – Taz

In an apartment in Sandton, there lived a Yorkie named Taz. Taz had all the toys, treats and accessories she could ask for, but she was very lonely. Her parents were almost never home and when they were, they didn’t pay her any attention. This made Taz very sad and she started lashing out for attention.

Whenever someone came to the apartment she would bark non-stop and try to bite anyone she didn’t know. When she was alone she would bump into objects and make them fall down and break. When her parents were home, she would not leave their sight and would try to get their attention in ways the parents didn’t like.

Every time Taz lashed out in front of her parents they would hit her or lock her in a different room, usually the bathroom.

One day Taz had enough and decided the treats, toys and accessories were not enough for her. The first opportunity she had she took and got out of the apartment and ran into the unknown as fast as she could, not looking back once.

It soon became night time and Taz knew she had to get shelter for the night. She hid in the parking lot of a small shopping centre that night. While lying on the cold ground trying to fall asleep she overheard other stray dogs talking about an academy that helps other dogs and cats be the best they can be. Taz decided that she will search for the academy to learn how to be happy.

The next day Taz was searching up and down the streets looking for the academy and finally, she found it. Going in, she met Patch who immediately offered her some food and water. After talking to Patch for some time Taz and Patch agreed that she will join the academy and Patch and Linc will do their best to get Taz the best parents for her.

Some weeks later Patch finally found the perfect home for Taz. As a token of appreciation Patch gave Taz a tanzanite stone to put on her collar and as she put the collar on Taz could feel something changing in her.

Pet Hero’s story is never ending, as time goes by more and more will be revealed.
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