Cat Skin and Coat Care

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Showing 1–12 of 39 results

Your precious kitty’s fur coat can be affected by many internal and external influences – from her genetics, to the climate you live in, an adverse reaction to her diet or even allergens in her environment. Fortunately, pet dermatologists and skin care purrfessionals really care about cats’ skin and coat health and have formulated some amazing products to help improve your cat’s skin and coat. Shop Pet Hero’s wide range of products and give your furry feline a beautiful, shiny coat and healthy skin.

How can I improve my cat’s skin and coat?

Cats can have dry skin due to a dry climate, but more often than not, their skin is dry, flaky and scratchy because they aren’t getting the right nutrients in their diet or something is off with their health. Make sure your cat is getting enough high-quality cat food so that her skin can be fed with the right nutrients, but also make sure you are grooming her regularly enough. Also treat her for fleas, as an infestation can cause dermatitis (skin inflammation).

What can I give my cat for healthy skin and coat?

Whether your cat has an allergy, a wound, sunburn or she needs a little skin-healing boost, Pet Hero has the solution. Take care of your cat’s skin and coat from within with nutrition, systemic medicine and supplements, but also from the outside – with skin and coat nourishing shampoos, lotions and sprays, to nutritional supplements and grooming products.

For specific skin issues like sores, hot spots, dermatitis, and sun-sensitive problems, browse this great skin and coat care category to find only the best products Pet Hero has to offer.