Drinking fountains for cats

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results

It is critical to your cat’s health that you keep her properly hydrated. The rule of paw is to always have a bowl or two of fresh water available to your cat – this is especially impurrtant for outdoor felines who are more cathletic and can dehydrate faster than indoor cats. Have you noticed how your cat seems drawn to running water, though?

To stop her from trying to drink from a running tap (or the toilet – ew!), you should get your cat her very own source of running water. Vets recommend drinking fountains!

Are drinking fountains good for cats?

Drinking fountains are very good for thirsty kitties. Not only does a drinking fountain keep water fresh and circulating, but most of them have foam filters that keep the water clean by trapping fur, dirt and any debris that may land in the water. Keep your cat healthy with fresh, filtered water, which gives her optimal hydration and flushed kidneys.

Are cat water fountains hygienic?

Cat water fountains are as hygienic as you make them. Yes, fresh, circulating water is healthier and more appealing to your cat than stagnant water in a bowl. However, that constantly circulating water may accumulate dust, fur and debris. Yes, fountain filters will catch the debris, but the fountain and its filters still need to be rinsed and cleaned regularly to maintain the cleanliness of your cat’s water. Do this and your cat will always have fresh, clean, filtered water – purrfect!