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Showing 1–12 of 45 results

Birds are intelligent and social creatures who love interacting with people and different objects. Ask a parrot owner about the power of their bird’s beak and you’ll hear all sorts of interesting stories about how their bird loves to pick up, bite, pull, carry and drop a whole range of household objects… usually the ones they shouldn’t!

This is where bird toys come in handy (beaky…?) for these clever pets.

What toys do birds like the most?

Toys are critically important for birds, who interact with them to play, exercise and satisfy their instinctual behaviour of chewing, tearing, and problem-solving. When there are no toys, a bird will exercise these behaviours on his natural surroundings (like your furniture and household objects), and if he doesn’t have access to those, he will become bored, stressed, and self-destructive. Birds like the kinds of toys that will help them to engage their beaks and brains – colourful, interactive, hardy and interesting toys with lots of shapes and textures.

How do I keep my bird entertained?

Birds are naturally social, so they love interaction with a mate, first and foremost. If that mate is you, then training your bird to problem-solve will be fantastic for their mental and emotional wellbeing. To find and recover objects, or choose certain objects for which they get rewarded is huge entertainment. When you are otherwise occupied, your pet bird will need a variety of toys with which to interact and engage – but they should not be the sole form of entertainment.