Are YOU your pet’s hero?

“Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.” – J.W. Stephens

Your furry family members look up to you – not just from their four-legged position on the floor, but they worship (and sometimes pee on) the ground you walk on. To your pets, you’re their hero: the supplier of the food, the giver of the cuddles and the thrower of the ball. You are your pets’ everything. But your pets are also a super special part of your life – it’s why you have them! They’re your hero too – protecting, entertaining and loving you and your family.

At Pet Hero we recognise this special two-way bond and it’s our mission to help you to fulfil your hero role, since being a hero is not “all cape and no action”. You’ve got responsibilities and we’ve got you covered!

  • Need nutritious pet food? Check!
  • Need comfortable pet housing and bedding? Check!
  • Need grooming, entertainment and treats? Check, check and check!

With the safety and convenience of online browsing, purchase and delivery, leave the heavy lifting to us while you and your furry sidekick make each other’s day!

Dog Food

Only the best veterinary dog food brands.

Dog beds

Give your dog a comfortable bed.

Dog toys

Keep your dog entertained and stimulated.

Best brands

Ultra Dog
Hill’s science plan
Royal Canin


Shop cat

Everything you need for your cat

Small Animals

Do you have a hamster, rabbit or guinea pig?


Give your birds a happy home and great food.

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