Small Animal Bedding

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Showing 1–12 of 20 results

Small animals like hamsters, rats, guinea pigs and other small pets need special bedding that will not only keep them warm and feeling safe, but also allows them to burrow and keeps them dry. Our small, sensitive animals need bedding that will not affect their respiratory system and will not trap mould and parasites. As a responsible pet owner, your best bet for small animal bedding will be made of natural materials like hay and hemp that are highly absorbent as well as biodegradable or naturally disposable.

What is the best bedding for animals?

What’s better than solving two small animal needs with one product? A great bedding solution for small animals is hay, because it doubles as a nutrient as well as bedding! That’s like breakfast-in-bed for small animals. This is especially useful in guinea pig enclosures and rabbit hutches. Other fantastic bedding options include natural nesting material that doesn’t irritate your small animal’s respiratory system, while it absorbs urine and other small pet odours. Universal cat litter made of natural tree fibres is also an ideal solution.

How often does small animal bedding need to be replaced?

Small animal bedding is designed to be absorbent and to soak up moisture (let’s be real: small pet pee) and neutralise odours. Some bedding products release a natural odour when absorbing moisture and shouldn’t smell like pet urine. Depending on the size of your small animal’s enclosure and whether there is more than one small pet nesting there, their bedding may need to be changed anywhere from every few days to once a week. The rule is not based on a timeline, but rather whether the bedding is dirty or has an odour – then it should be replaced.

Pet Hero stocks a wide range of small animal bedding – choose the bedding that best suits the needs of your fuzzy friend.