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The importance of taking care of your dog’s skin & coat

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Your dog’s coat is their identity, their armour, their all-weather apparel and – most impawtantly – a very good barometer of the state of their health. Taking care of your dog’s coat is right near the top of your pet parenting priorities, so Pet Hero has compiled a thorough guide on skin and coat care for your furry friend.

Grooming is not simply to be brushed off

The importance of taking care of your dog’s skin & coat

Should you groom your dog yourself? Yes, of course – and with a little advice, Pet Hero will have you doing it like the pawfessionals in no time!

What to do about hellish hotspots

The importance of taking care of your dog’s skin & coat

The one good thing about that oozing skin sore is that it can definitely be treated, but you have to act fast. Learn more about how to treat hotspots on dogs.

Pet allergies are nothing to sneeze at

The importance of taking care of your dog’s skin & coat

Allergies can create lifelong problems for our poor pups if we can’t identify and treat them asap. Learn to identify the symptoms of specific allergies and how to provide allergy relief to your pet.

Improvement is better than cure

The importance of taking care of your dog’s skin & coat

There are many ways to improve the appearance, texture and vibrancy of your dog’s coat as well as the health of their skin. This article explores some wonderful preventative and curative treatments for dogs’ skin and coat.

Get to know your dog’s coat

The importance of taking care of your dog’s skin & coat

Pet Hero has compiled a comprehensive article encompassing every type of dog coat – from long and short, to sparse and dense (to really dense), as well as all the textures: curly, coarse, silky, and even dreadlocked! We’ve included some tips and advice on how to groom the various coat types – check it out!

Nip canine alopecia in the follicle

The importance of taking care of your dog’s skin & coat

If your dog’s fur is falling out, there may be an underlying condition causing it. Learn more about canine alopecia, the many causes, and how it can be treated and even reversed.

Pet Hero not only dishes doggy advice, we also offer many vet-approved solutions to help pet pawrents like you become pet heroes to your furry friends. If you see product links in our articles and guides, click on the products, Add to Cart, Checkout and we’ll deliver your order straight to your door. All you need to do is carry on building the best bond with your pet – we’ll take care of the rest!

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