Royal Canin

Royal Canin have been producing premium quality pet food since 1968. They are a cut above in that their nutritional approach is based on individual pets’ needs according to the animals’ size, breed, lifestyle or health requirements.

How Royal Canin is made

Royal Canin is made according to very specifically formulated recipes. These recipes are designed to provide your pet with the exact amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, fibre and prebiotics that they need, along with their daily proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Royal Canin specialises in breed-specific food that caters to individual breed traits based on scientific and nutritional research.

Is Royal Canin a good dog food?

Royal Canin is a very good dog food in that they offer an extensive range of nutritional solutions made with high quality ingredients. Royal Canin is often prescribed by vets to alleviate problems based on diet or nutritional imbalances – be they for skin allergies, oral care, obesity, digestive sensitivities or fussy eating.

Is Royal Canin grain free?

No. Royal Canin offer mostly grain-containing foods as they believe that grains are an important part of your pet’s diet. Their focus is on the nutrients provided by each ingredient and they see certain grains as nutrient rich. If you are worried about the grains in your pet’s diet, speak to your vet and get expert advice!

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