Bravecto® is the product name of the insecticide and acaricide fluralaner, which comes in the form of a chewable tablet for dogs or a spot-on treatment for dogs and cats. It is manufactured by MSD Animal Health (Merck Animal Health in the USA). Bravecto® is recommended by vets both for its effectiveness and convenience.

The Bravecto® Chew gives dogs up to three months of continuous protection against ticks and fleas, so pet owners have the peace of mind that these pet pests will be kept at bay. The Bravecto® Spot-On treatment provides up to four months’ protection against ticks and six months’ protection against fleas. Bravecto® works when the active ingredient reaches the tissue fluids in the animal’s skin, killing the ticks and fleas when they bite and ingest the fluralaner. The benefit of Bravecto® lasting for three months or more is that it eliminates pests at all stages of their life cycle, and pet owners only need to remember to update their pets’ treatment three to four times a year.

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