Probono Petite Breath Nibbles Dog Treats


Probono Petit Breath Nibbles Dog Treats are the ideal semi-moist dental treats for your petite pup! Packaged in a trendy handbag-shaped bag, this cute treat for petite dogs will result in lots of tail wagging and face licking! It is ideal for miniature adult dog breeds.

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Paw-some goodness for our petite pup!

Healthy dog treats have many benefits. They aid your dog with better digestion, improved immunity, and allergy control. Spoil your petite pet baby with treats to ensure fresh breath, combat plaque, and reduce tartar buildup.

Treats are doggie rewards; they assist your dog in learning the pros and cons of good behaviour. Even when you use treats in combination with dog training, they still need to be high-quality, healthy rewards. Probono Petit Breath Nibbles Dog Treats are crafted to offer a dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, wheat, and corn-free, all-around healthy semi-moist dental doggie treat!

This naturally preserved, hydrolysed protein is the ideal treat for petite to small dogs.

200 g Vet-approved Probono Petit Breath Nibbles Dog Treats ensure wagging tails and flopping ears!


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Features and Benefits

  • Aids doggie dental health;
  • Reduces tartar build-up and ensures fresh breath;
  • 4 nibbles per dog per day will do the trick.


Corn starch, milk powder (lactose reduced), processed animal protein, humectants, vegetable protein extracts, fats and oils, palatability enhancer, various sugars, thickening agents, spearmint, pepper mint, minerals, teeth cleaning agent, colourant, vitamins and preservatives.


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