Acana Dog Food offers a wide variety of foods to sustain your dog through all of their life stages. From puppy food, adult dog food and speciality diets, Acana dog food caters to many different lifestyles. Here you can shop industry recommended products like the Acana Prairie Poultry, Acana Lamb and Apple Dog Treats and Acana Sport & Agility.

What is the best Acana dog food?

All the Acana dog food products we stock offer great benefits for your dog. Our top sellers include Acana Prairie Poultry, Acana Lamb and Apple Dog Treats, Acana Sport & Agility and Acana Regionals Wild Prairie Dog. These are just a few products from the range of flavourful and nutritious products Acana offers.

Which Acana dog food is best for allergies?

Dogs with allergies are often allergic to proteins from certain meats, wheat and dairy. Acana dog food offers a variety of meats, giving you plenty of options for your dog. The Acana Singles range is a single-protein based range and you can choose from products such as the Acana Singles Pacific Pilchard Dog, Acana Singles Free-Run Duck Dog and the Acana Singles Grass-fed Lamb Dog. If your dog is allergic to one type of meat, it’s no hassle – Acana has many others to choose from.

Is Acana dog food safe?

Acana dog food is both biologically and scientifically proven to be an appropriate food for your dog, providing fresh ingredients in quantities that are recommended for domestic dogs.

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