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Mommy is in for a demanding time when she needs to provide her still developing pups during gestation and as newborns after birth with all the nutrition they need. Look after her own nutritional needs with Royal Canin’s Canine Starter Mousse for Mother and Baby dog. Also suitable to feed weaning puppies up to 2 months to help in their transition from milk to solid food.

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Buy Royal Canin’s Starter Mousse to give your pet mommy-to-be all the right vitamins and nutrients during the last weeks of gestation and lactation after birth. Later on, mom and babe will benefit from the mousse when puppies start to wean. The mousse provides a perfect transition to solids. It is smooth and easy to eat – even if her late-stage pregnancy prevents your female dog from eating large amounts of food, several small portions of mousse a day will keep her going to sustain herself and her unborn litter. After birth, the mousse can again be offered as a supplement, to aid her to have enough energy for milk production. A lactating bitch (no matter how big or small the litter) needs to take in twice or three times her usual amount of energy. The mousse will see to her dense energy requirements.

From three to four weeks old, puppies develop better digestive systems and can start weaning to solids food. The mousse can be given as a sole feed or in combination with dry food

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