Cat’s Best Sensitive Clumping Cat Litter


Are you looking for an alternative to the cat litter that you have been using for so long? Ready to try something new? Are you tired of carrying heavy cat litter around, dealing with dust, odours and tracking? Then the Cat’s Best Sensitive Clumping Cat Litter is right in your range of tryouts. It is totally biodegradable, highly absorbent, and even though it might be on the more expensive side, the fact that it traps all odours and that it can be left in the litter tray for up to 7 weeks while you just have to remove the soiled parts, will make it much more economical and lovely to use. The Cat’s Best Sensitive Clumping Cat Litter – sensitive on your cat’s paws and its longevity soft on your purse.

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The Cat’s Best Sensitive Clumping Cat Litter is a highly effective product, specially developed with sensitive cats in mind. It is soft on her paws, and the cat-litter pellets reduce tracking, while the wooden substance ensures that there is no dust.

The Cat’s Best Sensitive Clumping Cat Litter is completely eco-friendly, totally biodegradable and highly absorbent as it is made of secondary raw wood material from the wood processing industry. It also has antibacterial agents added, which makes it much more hygienic. The Cat’s Best Sensitive Clumping Cat Litter even has no smell as its highly effective absorbency acts as a natural germ and odour trap, which makes it an excellent odour control. It is lighter than mineral cat litters and highly efficient as it expands 1:7, leaving you only to remove the soiled parts, making it possible to use the cat litter for up to 7 weeks. So even though it initially might be on the expensive side, its longevity makes it worth every penny.

This product can also be used as ground cover for reptiles, rodents, birds, etc., where absorption and smell control are of great importance.

The Cat’s Best Sensitive Clumping Cat Litter – the comfort that cats prefer.

The Cat’s Best Sensitive Clumping Cat Litter is available in 2.9 kg and 7.2 kg bags.


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Instructions for use

·         Clean and dry the litter box thoroughly

·         Fill with Cat’s Best litter to a depth of at least 5cm

·         Remove clumps and solid waste daily and dispose of in household waste or flush down the toilet

·         Refill the litter box only after clumps have been removed

·         Empty the litter box completely every 8 weeks, or earlier should odours develop

·         Dispose of the remaining Cat’s Best litter in your compost heap or normal household waste


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