M-Pets Training Wheel


The natural instinct of your hamster is to have their daily run and this can be achieved with M-Pets Training Wheel.

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It is known that hamster can run several kilometres a night, but this is for a hamster in the wild, but your little furball will not be able to do this, unless, you have the M-Pets Training Wheel in their cage.

As you know running is a great exercise and your hamster loves it to stay fit and healthy, but, being in a cage all the time, he won’t be able to get enough exercise to keep the fat off.

M-Pets Training Wheel will stop the boredom and your furball from chewing on his house or cage and studies have shown that female hamsters give birth to more pups per litter than those without.  

Training Wheels can become noisy, and they like to run at night, so if the cage is in the bedroom, rather move the cage than the wheel, because the wheel is a very important part of the hamsters physical and psychological health.

When choosing the right size wheel for your hamster, it should accommodate your hamster’s width, choose one that is a little wider than the body. A Hamsters back must not be arched when running. Too small a wheel can cause spine and posture problems with your hamster.

M-Pets Training Wheels come in 3 sizes:

13cm, 18cm and 27cm.  

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  • Will keep your hamster fit and trim
  • Can either stand-alone or clip to the side of the cage
  • Lots of exercise without going very far
  • Less gnawing on their cages
  • Made from metal to stop gnawing


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