Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Tasty Hay


100% Natural hay is a necessary component of a small herbivore’s diet to help aid digestion and wear down their teeth.

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Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Tasty Hay is excellent for foraging and a good source of fibre. It provides environmental enrichment, mimicking a natural habitat and a great source of dental wear by encouraging their natural chewing behaviour.

Tiny Friends Farm  Russel Rabbit Tasty Hay is very palatable for any small herbivores, like rabbits, guinea pigs, degus and chinchillas, keeping them amused and foraging all day.

It is also dust-extracted to help prevent respiratory and other problems.

It expands to 4 times the original size.

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Weight 2 kg

Tiny Friends Farm


Chinchilla, Guinea Pig, Rabbit



  • High in fibre;
  • It keeps the digestive system working;
  • It prevents teeth from growing too long;
  • High in minerals and nutrients.

How to Use

Hay can be made available at all times. The hay can be put into a hay feeder or in the corner of the cage that is not used as a toilet. Hay provided in an edible basket, a cardboard box, or a toilet roll holder can be great fun.


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