Trixie Water Bottle With Screw Attachment – 250 ml


Yes, your hamster can drink from a bowl, but bowls need to be checked for freshwater every day. Your cuddly, cute hamster buddy is quite vulnerable to dehydration and will not survive for more than a day or two without water. Hamsters can become extremely dehydrated after just a few hours of moderate to heavy activity if you do not provide an ample supply of easily accessible water in their living enclosure. The Marltons Trixie water bottle is an excellent option as the plastic material will also give you peace of mind in the event of a fall or a bump.  The 250 ml size can also be used for other small animals such as guinea pigs and gerbils.

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Pet hamsters are one of the busiest little animals around. They are forever running up and down, in and out, sniffing everything and chewing on anything that they see. Because they are so busy and their bodies are so cute and small, they easily dehydrate.

This is precisely why your hamster needs a water bottle because they require consistent, reliable access to freshwater.  The Marltons Trixie water bottle will give you ease of convenience should you forget to give Buddy fresh water daily.

This Marltons Trixie Water bottle is a functional water bottle that will not dispense water unless your hamster drinks from it. So, no water wastage and spillage in Buddy’s cage.

The Marltons Trixie water bottle with screw attachment is made of durable plastic. This transparent bottle allows easy checking of water level with a ball valve for easy flowing of freshwater. The Marltons Trixie water bottle is marked with easily readable volume intervals. It also has a secure attachment making it easy to fit into Buddy’s cage or living enclosure.

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  • Screw attachment with ball valve;
  • Made from durable plastic;
  • Easy fixing to the cage bars and wall;
  • Transparent bottle allows easy checking of water level;
  • Ideal for hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas;
  • Assorted colours.


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