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Puppy starter kit checklist: What you need for a new puppy

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Whether you’re patiently waiting for a purebred puppy from a registered breeder or you adopt a pawsome furry friend from your nearest shelter, the time will come when you need to bring that little scrunchy butt home. Your first day home with your new puppy will be full of excitement and puppy-flavoured distractions, so it’s best to be prepared for their arrival beforehand. What do you need for a new puppy?

We’ve got just the thing… the puppy starter kit! Use this article as a checklist for what to get to be prepared for your new puppy’s arrival. You can order these products directly from Pet Hero’s online pet shop and get a box full of new puppy goodies delivered directly to your door!

Puppy food

The most impawtant item in your new puppy starter kit is the dog nutrition that will meet your pup’s needs for high-quality food to help them grow healthy and strong. It’s essential to buy puppy food specific to their needs – i.e., are they small breed, large breed, giant breed? Each size requires a different nutritional profile to best fit their growth needs, so choose the puppy food that best describes your new furry munchkin.

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Dog food and water bowls

Your puppy needs to eat and drink out of dog bowls, so these should also be included in your puppy’s starter kit. We have a great variety of puppy food bowls to choose from, so decide what size, colour and material would best suit your puppy and Add to cart!

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Puppy blankets

Your new puppy’s pet bed may need a size upgrade as they grow bigger, but they’ll never outgrow the need for warm and cosy dog blankets. Choose from Pet Hero’s wide variety of dog blankets – so luxuriously snuggly and soft that you can be guaranteed they’ll be getting good quality puppy naps!

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Puppy toys

Oh, for the love of puppies, you could simply fill your entire order with balls, plush toys, squeaky toys, puzzle toys, chew toys – all the toys to encourage and fulfil your new puppy’s playtime needs! When your puppy gets a little older, you will need to choose specific toys to meet their physical and mental stimulation needs, but for now, one of each will do!

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Puppy training pads

House training your puppy is one of the first training exercises you’ll need to focus on when you bring your new puppy home. Not only does it teach your pup not to ‘go’ in the house, but it will be their first lesson in positive reinforcement training – making you happy and fuss over them when they do their business in the appropriate place. Some little munchkins will get it faster than others, which is why you need puppy training pads to suppawt the process and keep your floors and carpets as mess-free as possible.

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Puppy spill cleaning products

In spite of your cutest puppy and your best intentions, you can still expect to face some puppy messes before they are properly house trained. When the errant pee or poop finds its way onto your carpets or upholstery or even on your puppy’s own blankets, you’ll be happy you were already prepared with some specialised puppy cleaning and odour control products.

Why can’t I just use regular household cleaning products for pet messes? you ask. Everyday household cleaning products can be highly toxic to your precious pets, so it’s best to buy cleaning products specially made for them. Include these in your puppy starter kit to ensure you’re prepared for cleaning up spills and eliminating those poopy puppy odours!

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Puppy grooming tools

It’s crucial to start grooming your puppy early to get them used to being touched, having their nails clipped, having their teeth brushed and having their ears cleaned. This makes it much easier to accept and even enjoy grooming when they grow up. If you’ve ever tried getting a large dog to willingly take a bath, you’ll know! To ensure the grooming process is enjoyable, it’s also important to use the appropriate grooming tools for your dog’s breed and coat. Add these essential grooming tools to your puppy starter kit.

What’s in a puppy starter kit?

There are endless combinations to the Pet Hero puppy starter kit – you just need to decide what’s best for your new puppy, Add to cart, complete your order and wait for your Pet Hero box to arrive on your doorstep!

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