Sprogley Premium Puppy Training Pads


Sprogley Premium puppy training pads are designed for greater absorption and longer use.

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Potty training is a step you can not ignore when getting a new puppy in your home. Accidents will happen, so be prepared for when you bring the little ball of fluff home.  Sprogley Puppy Training pads will help make it easier for you.

The Sprogley Puppy training pads have an attractant, making sure your little one will use it when nature calls, they are super absorbent and will eliminate any odour. 

Sprogley Premium Puppy Training Pads has 6 layers of protection:

Top sheet – tear-resistant. 

Layer 2 – Quick-drying upper tissue

Layer 3 – Super Absorbent Polymer that locks in urine and neutralises odours

Layer 4 – Embossed Highly Absorbent Pulp

Layer 5 – Reinforced Heavy Duty Bottom Tissue

Layer 6 – Leakproof Plastic Backing with Anti-slip Adhesive Tabs

Each pad is 57 x 55 cm and is available in packs of 56’s and 100’s

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  • Maintenance and clean up is quick and easy
  • Holds up to 1.4 litres of liquid
  • 6 layers of protection
  • Built-in odour control
  • Powerful Puppy Attractant
  • Quick Drying
  • Leakproof
  • Advanced Polymer
  • No tracking
  • Non-slip adhesive tabs

Directions of use

  • Choose a spot for your pets’ pad on an easy to clean surface.  Make sure to keep the location the same to avoid confusing your pet which could lead to unwanted accidents
  • Make sure the pad is a suitable distance from your pets’ bed, food and water
  • Unfold and place your Premium Puppy Training Pad on the floor with the tissue side up and the leakproof plastic backing side down.
  • Place your pet on the pad to smell the pad’s powerful attractant.  If your pet doesn’t relieve itself immediately, repeat the process approximately every 15 minutes until it does so.
  • Once your pet has successfully relieved itself on the Premium Puppy Training reward with praise and a small treat.  This will encourage your pet to return and repeat the process
  • Replace the Premium Puppy Training Pad as and when a new pad is needed.
  • To train your pet to relieve itself outdoors, gradually move the Premium Puppy Training Pad closer to the door and eventually outside.
  • Try Our Sprogley Intense Stain and Odour Eliminator for those little mishaps that may occur around the home.

Safety Information

This product is not a toy.  It is designed for the purpose of animal hygiene.  It is not intended for use with our around birds, rodents or gnawing animals.  Please use responsibly and keep out of reach of children. Replace if damaged or torn.

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