Cosmic Pets Pet Snuffle Mat


Are you on the lookout for an object that will stimulate your dog’s brain, giving him an entertaining game and a good time at nuzzling foraging fun? Then the Cosmic Pets Pet Snuffle Mat is just what you are looking for.  This grass-imitation mat, with hidden kibble and treats, is one toy your dog will love.

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The Cosmic Pets Pet Snuffle Mat will help build your dog’s foraging skills and encourage active and attentive play. It will stimulate his brain and keep him from being bored and destructive. The mat helps reduce anxiety and stress and caters for all dogs, young and old. It is a great way to help dogs who have a limited ability to exercise due to age or injury or who are recovering from surgery.

This Cosmic Pets Pet Snuffle Mat can be used for puppies struggling to settle down and is a great tool in developing their nuzzling skills. This mat can be used for dogs as a calming activity after a highly intensive training session or help your dog improve his confidence. It is a great tool in behaviour modification training. Allow your dog to snort, sniff, burrow and track at any time or even use this for extra mealtime fun.

This Comic Pets Pet Snuffle Mat is made from strands of fabric pieces, strongly attached to a firm backing. Start building your dog’s smelling, sniffing, and hunting skills by hiding food, kibbles, or treats between the fabric strands. The mat also mimics the grass your dog plays and explores on, giving him a one of a kind experience.

The Comic Pets Pet Snuffle Mat is available in two sizes: 40 x 40 cm (green& white – with fleece length approximately 14.5 cm) and 50 x 50 cm (green – with fleece length approximately 9 cm). 

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