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Nina Ottosson Wobble Bowl

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Is your dog lethargic, depressed or getting up to unwanted behaviour? Why not spark your dog’s interest by providing him with The Nina Ottosson Wobble Bowl that will keep your dog busy while exercising his problem-solving skills, resulting in rewards? The Nina Ottosson Wobble Bowl is specifically fashioned to exercise your dog’s mind while providing him with fun, kibble and treats. This product is also ideal for those dogs that are prone to gobble-up their food as it slows down the eating pace and redirects their attention. Entertain those festive moments.


The Nina Ottosson Wobble Bowl is a level 1 puzzle game to redirect your dog’s attention, by providing him with a problem to solve, while working toward a reward. This is a fun challenge that your dog will enjoy.

The Nina Ottosson Wobble Bowl takes 1 cup of kibble or treats and is made of safe materials (BPA PVC & Phthalate Free). It also comes with a non–slip base to keep it from being pushed all over the floor. It is a good solution for those greedy feeders as it is perfect for slowing down their eating pace.

Don’t miss out on Nina Ottosson Wobble Bowl moments! But make sure your friend is always supervised while he is enjoying his Nina Ottoson Wobble Bowl.  It easy to clean after all kibble and treats are removed; only hand-wash with soapy warm water, and it is ready to be filled with more fun for your dog’s next adventure.

The Nina Ottosson Wobble Bowl is suitable for all dogs regardless of their breed, size or age.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33.0 × 30.0 × 10.0 cm

Nina Ottosson

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