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Eco-Pet health products for pets

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Many of us have become environmentally friendly and conscious of the fact that the products we use, can affect Mother Nature and us. We are also becoming more aware of what we put into our bodies to live a longer, healthier life – and not only our bodies, but also our loved ones’, and by loved ones we also include our furry friends. They live such short lives and we as loving pet owners will try anything to help our pets live longer.

Eco Pets Health Products will help you do just that. These natural, environmentally friendly products will not only help you fur baby but will also keep the earth we live on, healthy too.

Feeding Accessories

Plastic is probably one of the most used substances in the world, but it’s not biodegradable. It is quickly thrown into a dustbin and forgotten of. We as humans need to know what products are safe for our environment. Many plastics can only be used once, and then it releases a chemical that can be very harmful to us and our pets.

Why not try our natural, biodegradable pet bowl Ant Beater? The Ant Beater Pet Bowl is: made of bamboo; is entirely biodegradable; eco-friendly; easy to use; easy to clean; dishwasher safe; non-skid; non-toxic; successfully defeats an army of ants; proudly South African AND it works!

Protect your pet’s can food with BECO Silicone Can Cover. It is easy to clean and locks in all the yummy pet food flavours. BECO Silicone Can Cover is made from food-grade silicone and is reusable, keeping food fresher for longer.

BECO Silicone Placemat is an anti-slip placemat and is a great way to save time on cleaning after your pet. It is easy to wash, durable, non-toxic and made from food-grade silicone and prevents your pet’s bowl from skidding around all over the place.

Even though silicone is NOT biodegradable, it is much more human, pet and ocean-friendly than plastic. It is non-toxic to our wildlife and soil and can be recycled after a lifetime’s use at select locations. Silicone helps households drastically cut down on their plastic consumption and thus protecting the environment from more unwanted poisonous plastic trash.


What about what your pet eats? Are you giving your pet the best natural, organic and healthy food possible? Pet Hero supplies some of the most popular grain-free, holistic and natural pet food.

Sheba Cat Food – Let your cat feast on what’s inside, while you recycle what’s on the outside. This is a bright gold recyclable tin filled with delicious wet cat food. Loved by cats, adored by nature. Enough said!

Hill’s Ideal Balance uses natural ingredients to create optimum flavour, making this food yummy and scrunches for those fussy small breeds. It’s made from lean meat, vegetables and contains no artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives.

Your dog’s ancestors relied on instinct and incredible hunting abilities to capture protein-rich food. Today dogs depend on us for food. Earthborn Holistic Dog Food is grain and gluten-free dog food; power packed to provide the taste dogs love and all the nutrition they need.

Montego Field and Forest pet food are guided by nature. Their formulation includes the finest ingredients around the world. This brand of food contains nutritious beneficial fruits, vegetables, and Superfoods, complete with a high-quality protein.


These Cat Scratchers provide your cat with an appropriate spot to sharpen their nails. Made from corrugated or straightened cardboard, these scratchers are environmentally friendly and easy to recycle. So when the playing gets tough, Mother Nature needs not to worry.

There are many eco-friendly pet products available in the market, but have you thought about actually making your cat or dog their very own toy with your own old clothes or goods that are just lying around in your home? Have a look at our awesome DIY toys for cats and DIY toys for dogs blogs.

Natural Supplements

In nature, when animals are unwell, they can instinctively search out healing plants and herbs to help them get better again. However, domestic animals don’t have access to these healing herbs and have to rely on their owners to help them. Eco-Vet is an all natural holistic medicine that helps treat animals that suffer from just about any condition, the natural way.

Calmeze is a nutritional aid that reduces stress and anxiety in dogs and cats. Calmeze acts to promote relaxation and reduces anxiety and stress. Also, Calmeze stimulates feelings of confidence and a sense of well-being to help pets cope.

Adaptil mimics the pheromones that a female dog releases to her puppies from the age of 3 – 5 days. These pheromones provide a sense of reassurance, relaxation, and comfort. If you have a dog that suffers from anxiety or stress, Adaptil is the more natural way to bring comfort to your dog.

Nutradyl is a fantastic nutritional supplement to help dogs with joint support problems. The ingredients are all natural and can be used long-term to provide health and improve your dog’s mobility.

Healthtech Lifestyle is well known for their quality and affordable animal products for birds, companion animals, horses, wildlife, and cattle. They have numerous remedies, supplements and animal accessories that will improve the quality of life for your pets.

Bubble time

Tropiclean has all healthy natural products to enrich the lives of your pampering pooch. Not only do they make natural shampoo and conditioners, but also help bring the sparkle back to your dog’s teeth and breath.

Does your cat or dog have sensitive skin or suffer from pyoderma? Why not try an all natural Barrier Shampoo that will bring relief to your pet. This shampoo has been formulated by Dr Eckersley and is proudly South African.

Loo Time

When your kitty goes to the loo, he or she loves to feel that their puddles and poops are covered up, and they don’t like a smelly loo! The Cat’s Best Cat Litter is made from natural, organic, wood fibres. It’s 100% biodegradable, contains special odour blockers, great to flush or dispose of in your garden waste (compost), highly economical, boasts high absorption power, is revolutionary and effective. It has a more natural feel, and our planet will most certainly thank you.

The sad goodbye

One of the most painful things in the world is to say goodbye to your furbaby. We as humans wish we could make their perfect little lives a bit longer. The Biotree Urn might not leave paw marks on the floor or bedding but will remind you of them every day when you look up at the beautiful tree that is growing with your babies ashes, giving back to mother nature what she and your heart need.

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