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Showing all 4 results

ADAPTIL™ makes a range of products that use dog appeasing pheromones (DAPs) to calm and comfort puppies and dogs during times of stress. These synthetic DAPs are the equivalent of the ‘comforting messages’ that mother dogs release around their puppies to make sure they feel calm, secure and comforted. Interestingly, it’s not only puppies that respond to DAPs, but also adult dogs.

ADAPTIL™ has harnessed the calming effects of DAPs to help your dog during times of stress, whether it’s to calm your newly-adopted puppy while he gets used to his new home environment; to send calming messages to your dog during a car trip, when socialising with other dogs, or to instil calmness in general to a nervous dog; or whether it’s to keep your dog calm during loud noises like vacuuming, fireworks or other challenging situations.

ADAPTIL™ comes in calming collars for when you are out and about with your puppy or dog, or diffusers and tablets when you need to keep your furry friend calm at home.