Petlife Flecta Vizlite DT Dog Jacket


Out and about has never been so much fun! The Flecta Vizlite DT Dog Jacket provides high visibility in all light conditions. The fluorescent yellow fabric, as well as reflective tape on either side of the jacket, ensures visibility in any environment during the day and the addition of a unique and innovative technology called “Vizlite DT”, ensures that a dog can be easily seen, even in complete darkness.

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When a driver or another hunter has trouble seeing your dog in low light, it places your pet at a far greater risk of injury or even death. This is even more so at dusk or dawn, or during nighttime walks or seasons when visibility can be low.

Like with humans, reflective gear such as the Flecta Vizlite DT Dog Jacket, makes high visibility essential in avoiding accidents and injuries. Reflective clothing and gear are designed to get the attention of motorists and other individuals to ensure that your dog can be seen at a safe distance.

The Flecta Vizlite DT Dog Jacket has a super cool feature in that you can charge the jacket under any UV light source and the afterglow literally lasts for hours, without the need for batteries, electricity or wires. When there is no more light to absorb (in darkness), the stored energy is emitted as a bright glow which remains visible to the human eye for up to 8 hours thereafter.

The lightweight, hi-visibility, and shower-resistant Flecta Vizlite DT Dog Jacket will outperform other dog coats on the market when it comes to safety, thermal efficiency, and comfort.

Please note: For the correct size, measure the length of the back of your dog from the base of his neck to the root of the tail.

Available in 11 sizes to suit most breeds of dogs.



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  • Showerproof;
  • 11 different sizes;
  • Fully charges in 10 minutes;
  • Provides high visibility in all conditions;
  • Lightweight Flectalon insulation to reduce lost body heat.


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