Royal Canin Pug Adult


It is not easy for a Pug to pick up any old kibble and chew it to its heart’s content. Royal Canin Pug Adult is a specially formulated kibble to make it easier for Pugs over the age of 10 months to eat and be merry. It will look after its health so that he can enjoy keeping you company in complete comfort.

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Pugs are brachycephalic, meaning it has a shorter skull than what is typical for its species. Its flat snout makes it difficult for him to pick up usual dry dog kibbles. Royal Canin’s solution is a tailor-made kibble exclusively designed to make your Pug’s life a little easier. Not only is this kibble easier to pick up, but it also has the added advantage that it encourages your Pug to chew. It is also formulated to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat while keeping your Pug in shape (no excess weight).

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