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Petlife has come a long way since its inception in 1993. It’s the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality 100% British-made pet bedding and has under its brand a large range of bedding, healthcare, grooming and hygiene products for household pets. The Petlife head office and warehouse are situated in Suffolk and they have around 50 employees across three sites in the UK.

One of Petlife’s most well-known products is the Vetbed®, from which they’ve expanded their bedding range to suit the needs of most domestic animals. The Vetbed® is unique in that it’s vet-recommended because of the safe and effective fabric – developed for professional and general use. It meets the needs of young and elderly animals alike, with its special drainage properties that divert moisture and messes away from the animal. For older and recumbent animals, the Vetbed® provides a soft, warm surface for recuperation.

Petlife provide products for dogs, cats, birds or small animals and export their products to retailers around the world.