JW GripSoft Styptic Powder


JW GripSoft Styptic powder is a safe quick and effective aid when treating minor cuts to your pet’s nails that may occur during a nail trimming session. Covering the affected area with JW GripSoft Styptic powder will disinfect the wound, administer pain relief, stop minor bleeds and enhance wound healing.

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JW GripSoft Styptic powder is a fast and effective way to treat small cuts that may happen when grooming your pet’s nails. The JW GripSoft Styptic powder contains Bentonite which helps with wound healing and reduces inflammation; Benzocaine which is a gentle pain relief agent; Ferric Subsulfate which is an effective hemostatic agent and Ammonium Chloride and Silicon Dioxide which aids wound healing and regeneration.

Stop minor nail bleeding that may happen when trimming your dog’s nails by using this innovative design to administer a small amount of the JW GripSoft Styptic powder to the affected area. Be sure to apply moderate pressure till the bleeding stops. If the bleeding persists, wipe off the access blood and add some more JW GripSoft Styptic powder. Keep your pet still for 10 to 2o minutes, while occupying his mind with a puzzle dog toy or treat dispenser.

The JW GripSoft Styptic powder is a safe quick and effective aid when treating minor cuts.

The JW GripSoft Styptic powder is NOT suitable for deep wounds or burns. A built-in nail file conveniently removes burrs from cut nails.

Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. Keep out of reach of children.

Two dispensers per package.

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Ferric Subsulfate, Talc, Bentonite, Silicon Dioxide, Benzocaine, Ammonium Chloride.


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