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Showing 1–12 of 29 results

In 1998, Jon Willinger established JW Pet Company. JW’s aim was to make intelligent pet toys that not just occupied pets’ time and attention, but improved their lives and ours. Going beyond the basic functions of the dog ball, the cat brush and the bird perch, the focus of JW Pet Company is to see the ultimate potential of each pet accessory. The past 20+ years of innovation and development have been driven by both market research and an absolute passion for pets. In 2012, JW Pet Company was acquired by Petmate, but continues to push pet toy boundaries even under their new ownership. Jon Willinger joined Petmate after the acquisition.

JW Pet toys are innovative and provide hours of fun and ‘thinking play’ for your pets. The most well-known JW Pet toy is the Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy, which is a ball, a tug toy and a treat toy all rolled into one. Other variants of JW’s multi-functional pet toys include the highly durable Good Cuz and Bad Cuz dog toys for those heavy chewers. There are toys for tugging, chasing, chewing and rewarding – it depends on your pet’s preference for fun!