Royal Canin Boxer Adult

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Big Ben the boxer is very active and lively, but he might develop heart problems if his nutritional needs are not tended to. Boxers are known for being susceptible to heart problems, and because of their active nature, their joints have to take a lot of punch. Luckily Royal Canin’s Boxer Adult is the result of thorough breed-specific research and will aid your dog to maintain optimal health – and it’s available to buy at the touch of a button, here online at Pet Hero.

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This kibble is designed for boxers older than 15 months, and it promises to maintain muscles, protect joints, support heart muscles and help with optimal digestion and nutrient intake. Royal Canin took Big Ben’s unique head shape into account, with its short face and underbite. Did you know your boxer likes to suck his food before he eats it? And did you know that like all large dogs, a boxer’s stomach is rather sensitive – more so than with smaller breeds? Royal Canin does, and that is why their kibbles are so successful. This complete diet contains L-carnitine, taurine, EPA and DHA for optimal health and cardiac function. The antioxidants in the formulation support longevity.

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