Marltons WormPro for Dogs


Marltons Wormpro offers effective deworming for your doggo. Specially designed to remedy against ascarids, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. Available in a single dose (1 tablet) formulation for small dogs, 3 tablets for medium dogs, or 4 tablets for large dogs.

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Worms are parasites that can cause chronic gastrointestinal problems in both humans and pets. Your pets will sniff, slurp, lick and gobble anything in their paths, including dirt, trash and waste, and are bound to pick up parasites in this way. All these things they do with their mouths, like grooming, kissing, wrestling, and other social habits, could be passed on to other pets or humans.

Therefore, it is imperative to deworm your pets regularly to keep your pet precious in tip-top health. Puppies that are not dewormed may suffer from slow growth or other health-related problems.

Marltons WormPro is safe for your doggo. The sooner the worms are gone, the sooner your pet will get healthy and feel better.

Marltons WormPro offers an oral formulation that can be described as a broad-spectrum treatment because it is good for treating a wide range of parasites, including worms that live in the gut. These tablets are poisonous to parasites but safe for pets.

Caution: For animal use only. Oral use only.

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  • Small Dogs 0.5 – 10Kg (1 Tab);
  • Medium Dogs 11 – 30Kgs (3 Tabs);
  • Large Dogs 31 – 40Kgs (4 Tabs);
  • Ease use;
  • Oral use only.


  • Praziquantel;
  • Purantel Panoate;


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