Virbac Milpro Dog Deworming Tablet – 5kg+


Milpro is a broad spectrum chewable deworming tablet for dogs, which treats and controls larval and adult stages of hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. Milpro also treats and controls all stages of tapeworm infections.

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Milpro contains two active ingredients – Praziquantel and Milbemycin Oxime. Praziquantel acts on tapeworms and destroys them. The other ingredient Milbemycin Oxime is effective against intestinal worms like hookworms, whipworms and roundworms. It also works against immature heartworms and can help in preventing heartworm infection when used monthly.

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  • For animal use only.
  • Do not use in pregnant or nursing bitches.
  • Do not use in puppies younger than 6 weeks of age.
  • Do not use Milpro Dogs in dogs with a body mass of less than 5 kg.
  • The margin of safety of Milpro in Collies or related dog breeds is less than in other breeds. As such, the recommended dose should be strictly observed in these breeds.
  • Echinococcus spp. represents a hazard for humans (zoonosis). If Echinococcus spp. has been detected, specific treatment and follow-up guidelines should be followed, whilst steps should be taken to safe-guard persons.
  • No studies have been performed in severely debilitated dogs or individuals with seriously compromised kidney or liver function. Milpro is not recommended for such animals and should only be used, following a risk/benefit assessment by the responsible veterinarian.
  • At 10 times and higher dose rates (overdosing), mild transient clinical signs of mydriasis, depression, drooling, paresis, trembling and/or a staggered gait may occur in some dogs. Such symptoms will subside spontaneously within a day. No antidote is known.
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.
  • Although this remedy has been extensively tested under a large variety of conditions, failure thereof may ensue as a result of a wide range of reasons. If this is suspected, seek veterinary advice and notify the registration holder.

Directions of use

Body mass dog Milpro Dogs (dogs more than 5 kg)
5 – 25 kg – 1 Tablet
› 25 – 50 kg – 2 Tablet
› 50 – 75 kg – 3 Tablet


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