Eco-Vet Eco-Snuff Herbal Remedy


Does your four-legged love monster suffer from the sniffles? Or maybe with infected discharges, abscess and sinus? Eco-Vet Eco Snuff is specially formulated to assist your pet with chronic respiratory infections, infection-related discharges and canine and feline snuffles.

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An upper respiratory infection for your canine or feline friend is the equivalent of the common cold for humans. It is highly contagious and can be contracted from regular visits to a kennel.

Upper respiratory infections can spread from cat to cat and dog to dog and can also spread through contact with secretions from your pet’s eyes, nose or throat. Contact with crates or carriers, food dishes, blankets, or toys can also cause pets to contract upper respiratory infections. Either bacteria or viruses cause upper respiratory infections.

Pets under stress are also more likely to get an upper respiratory infection since stress weakens the immune system.

Natural, herbal remedies have no side effects and do not contain toxins, so to treat while not harming your pet is the best way to go!

Eco-Vet is a breakthrough in alternative, natural medicines for pets. For over 16 years, Eco-Vet Eco-Snuff has been the leading herbal product used to treat upper respiratory infections in pets. Eco-Vet products such as Eco-Snuff are simple to use, easy to understand and effective in dealing with desperate situations that traditional treatment cannot cure. Eco-Vet products are gentle on your pet baby and can be administered with ease.

Eco-Vet Eco-Snuff will ensure many more adventures and tail-wagging fun days for you and your pet precious!

All Eco-Vet products are registered with the Department of Agriculture in terms of Act no. 36/1947.

Available in a 50 ml bottle.

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Cat, Dog



  • Eco-Snuff will help with infected discharges, like snuffles, abscess and sinus.

  • Also helps with chronic respiratory infections, purulent discharges and feline snuffles.

  • Eco-vet has 16 years experience

  • Their products are simple to use and easy to understand.

  • Effective in dealing with desperate situations that conventional treatment cannot cure.

  • Eco-Vet products are gentle on your pets.

  • Cats: 1/2 ml
  • Small Dogs: 1/2 ml
  • Medium Dogs: 1 ml
  • Large Dogs: 2 ml
  • Horses: 5 – 10 ml

To be given 3 times a day 10 min before eating.

All products are to be administered orally.

See product insert for more information.

1 review for Eco-Vet Eco-Snuff Herbal Remedy

  1. Cristel Venter

    Brilliant product. Helps with my doggo that has a continuous runny nose. Over food and she doesn’t even realise she is taking meds.

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