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Westerman’s Seed Feeder

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This cylinder-shaped outdoor seed feeder will attract any kind of wild bird to your garden. All you need to do is fill it up with loose seed and wait for the birds to sit on for a seed feast.

Do you want to add life and colour to your garden, especially during those dreary winter months? The outdoor Seed Feeder for wild birds is perfect for any spot in your garden. This cylinder-shaped feeder has four thin metal bars, which is placed just below four holes around the feeder, on which the birds can stand while they put their beaks through the holes to get to the seed. The little canopy helps to protect the seed from the elements. The outdoor Seed Feeder can be hung on a branch or placed on a firm surface. Your garden will soon be filled with the chatter of a wide variety of wild birds.


Size: 48 x 6.5 cm

Dimensions6.5 × 48 cm






  • The outdoor Seed Feeder makes it easy for wild birds to get to the seed.
  • It makes the birds’ lives easier, especially during winter when food is not so easily attainable.
  • Your garden will soon be filled with the lively chatter of wild birds.


  • Put the outdoor Seed Feeder about 3 metres from natural cover like trees and shrubs.
  • Place it high off the ground, so birds can feel safe and secure.
  • Leave a buffering distance of about 3 metres, so that cats or other predators, can’t jump onto the feeder from branches or roofs.
  • Also try to hang seed feeders at different heights, as different kinds of birds have their own preferences to the height of a feeder.
  • Feed a variety of seeds to attract different kinds of birds.
  • Make sure you feeder always contains seed, as birds won’t come to your seed feeder if it is empty often.


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