Westerman’s Large Suet Ball Cage


Westerman’s Large Suet ball cage will hold suet balls in place for easy access to most garden birds.

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Majority of South African bird life cannot resist the yumminess of suet. But the problem with suet is that it can be very messy if it is just lying on a surface.

The Westerman’s Suet cage will look elegant in any garden. The construction is sturdy allowing birds to cling onto the rungs and eat with ease and stopping bigger birds from taking over.  The cage will hold 2 large suet balls in place. Simply lift the top and add the balls.

Suet is a healthy source of fat and carbohydrates especially for birds that stick around during the winter months, but birds will feed on it all year round.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Shipping dimensions 5 × 9 cm






  • Keeps the area clean
  • Easy to add the balls
  • The rungs a wide enough apart for birds to perch on
  • Elegant looking
  • Sturdy


Simply hang the cage from a tree, fill with Westerman’s suet balls and watch how many different bird species will come for dinner.


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