Westerman’s Suet Feeder Ring


The Westerman’s Suet Feeder Ring will bring wild birds to your garden throughout the year.

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Suet is a mix of fats and seeds that will attract insect-eating birds, like thrushes, bulbuls, robins. But suet can be messy when just lying on a surface or hanging from a piece of string. This is where you need the Westerman’s Suet Feeder Ring.

The Ring is made from a non-toxic wire in the shape of a wreath.  The suet is encased in the cage. The cage has evenly spaced rungs so the bird can easily perch to eat. The ring can hold up to 10 suet balls. It will hang easily from any surface, and it is big enough for a few birds to eat at once.

Hang one in your garden today, and you will be a twitcher in no time.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg






  • Non-messy
  • Easy to hang
  • Rungs are easy for birds to perch on
  • Enjoyable and relaxing to watch.


Hang from a tree in your garden, fill with Westerman’s suet balls and let the birding begin.


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