Tetra Prima Mini Granules 45 g – 100 ml


Tetra Prima Mini Granules offer complete nutrition for a variety of fish species in a mixed aquarium. The Mini Granules are specially formulated for mid-water and bottom-feeding fish.

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When your aquarium is home to a variety of beautiful, colourful fish, it’s nearly impossible to feed each of them different foods to meet their nutritional needs. This is where Tetra Prima Mini Granules are a fintastic solution!

These Mini Granules offer your fish complete nutrition – meaning all their nutritional requirements can be met with one food. The mini granules are great for small size mid-water and bottom-feeding fish – not just filling their bellies, but also:

  • strengthening their immune systems
  • supporting their vitality
  • improving their digestion
  • promoting growth

Simply drop the mini granules into the water – their slow sinking allows mid-water fish to feed naturally and any remaining food will feed the bottom feeders. The mini granules contain a mixture of herbivore and omnivore granules, ensuring the different fish get the correct nutrition they need to live long and healthy lives.

Tetra Prima Mini Granules are also designed to produce less fish waste and keep the tank water clean.

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