Marltons Hamster Menu


Marltons Hamster Menu with fruit and veg is a high-quality mix of fruits and veg that your hamster will love.

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All hamsters are hoarders. They are known to carry their food in their cheeks and hide it under or behind their beds.  Fresh fruits and veg will not last very long before going mouldy and becoming very smelly and toxic.

Marltons Hamster Menu is the ideal treat for them as it will last longer than fresh and it is just as nutritious. It is quick and easy to feed and you have no need to worry about giving your little one the fruit and veg that you need to avoid, like, onions, garlic, chives, leeks, lettuce, raw potatoes and oranges. The treat is a wholesome reward with its colourful array of fruits and veg and it will provide entertainment as they forage for their food like they would in the wild.

Marltons Hamster Menu with fruit and Veg is available in 800 g.

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  • Healthy and wholesome treat
  • Bite-size treats
  • Great for foraging
  • Help encourage natural behaviour
  • A balanced blend of natural ingredients

Feeding guidelines

Feed approximately 10g of food daily.  Provide fresh food and clean water, along with good quality hay.


Hamsters don’t usually like changes in their food so transition slowly to the new food.

Always provide good quality hay and fresh water daily.


Rolled Grains, Sunflower seeds, wheat, dried vegetables (4% min), fruit (4% min), nuts anf hamster granules.


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